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A. Marie

Circular Shield

Watercolour, inks, goats skin

Price: $350 Au plus postage, shipping

Galleria WorkX

Work for Sale

Welcome to the Galleria. Fine Art for the discerning eye.

Still Life, Conceptual, Spirit based in a variety of mediums,

there is something for your individual space to enhance,

embrace the sacred. 

Each piece is uniquely crafted with care, 

present to the moment of Creation whether 

through colour, line or shape. Even simple 

Still Lifes are imbued with that something 



I love Life Drawing, connecting with nature and 

work from the blank page, so to speak. 

The colours are vivid, the movement

the spatial dynamics, the 

connection to the subject whether through

abstraction or other techniques is real. 

I love creating, I enjoy pattern,

the exploration of subject,

and am finding forever homes for 

pieces that have been inhabiting this space

knowing that to let go is to bring through something new,

exciting, to create anew.

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Please allow time for processing to ensure the security, safety of the work. We will endeavour to have the most practical shipping available and will advise of process, progress of the artworks to you directly. 

Still Life in Ble and Green.jpg



Still Life in Blue and Green-Acrylics on Linen

The objects de Art  give warmth, colour to the space creating an ambience in just the right spot.

Looking for a new forever home. Full of bright textures, intriguing shapes, lights and darks.

Artist: A. Marie 

Media: Acrylics on Linen

Price: $2,500 Au plus postage, shipping

Dimensions: 650x1200mm 

Spirit Cafe

Full of intriguing design elements, colour and spatial relationships that allow for the eye to wander through the picture plane. 

The connection between the mundane and the spiritual elements accessed through the vertical plane and the higher Self. This image is paler than the original. 

Artist:              A. Marie

Title:               Children of A Lesser God. 

Media:           Coloured pencil, acrylics.

Dimensions:     600x900cms 


Painting $:     1,500 Au Plus postage, shipping

Transport: To be arranged. Costs added to the overall


IMG_20230502_114534 (1).jpg
This painting is titled 'Children of a Lesser God' which was created last Easter Friday.


I was studying and, was interrupted by another scheme to make money. I was writing, about to move into the energies of the day, into meditation. I decided to paint instead.


This is the result of the feeling of that day. An interpretation of our fixation with 'money' as a way to resolve our problems, needs.


I am not ignoring that money has a place it is just if we rely solely on it as a answer we will find ourselves not being able to deal with changes, lack or times of hardship, will be harder to deal with. 

The question is when is enough, enough? 

Artist: Alie M Arjaans

Children of a Lesser God

Year: 2023

Dimensions: 1450x950cms 

Media: Linen, wooden stretcher, Acrylics, charcoals, gesso. (Blue Lotus flower in the corner)

Price: $2,500 Au

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