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Welcome to the Galleria-WorkX Hello page. My name is A. Marie. 

I am an Visual, Fine artist, multi media artist who enjoys working with many media including life drawing. I love to begin work with the blank page, enjoy the creation process and its many stages. Besides, Art as a focus I have worked with energy healing. Permaculture (design) Mental Health (non clinical), Geobiology and Earth Acupuncture. I have done a couple of years in classical singing as well as trained with world class singing teachers as part of my participation in our local community choir which has a world music focus. I feel blessed in this regard.

Recently I found myself being working with more static conventions of objects, fauna although colour remains a constant in my work. Many of the workx are currently adorning my walls, holding sacred space, creating an ambience within which I define my life. I am looking to sell a lot of the works to make way for more art making even though I love the vibrancy of the colours that it brings to my space. 

This includes paintings, ceramics and fine pieces that need room to breathe, to be present in. 

I look forward in being able to share objects that have personal appeal as well as craftsman ship.  The Artworkx and accessories found on these pages stand in their own right as things to be acquired by the discerning purchaser. They may not be the most expensive gifts yet they will appeal to some. 

Due to the tyranny of distance larger works maybe expensive to transport to the purchaser so please keep this in mind with purchases although we will keep the postage reasonable.

If you wish to purchase personalised letters or cards for an additional or separate item please send the details through the email, and we will provide this as an additional or stand alone service.

As we move forward in the growth of the site, the service we will expand to include other artists looking for a platform to present and sell their work. Be patient with us as we learn, grow, move forward with this new venture into the world. 


You might like to include names, the holiday or gift, birthday and some personal details to add to the individual nature of the sharing. Leave the rest to us. Privacy assured. Think of HER. 

Much love


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