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Meditations for a healing planet

Here is the fruit that was planted twenty years In the name of the Divine Co --operative and the Divine Co-Creative these tools were gifted to me and to humanity. Subtle in nature these meditations went deep and wide. Safely locked by a key of the fish, Yeshua formed a part of the crew who helped to bring these through. Yes, everyone will read them in their own unique way. 

haven't been able to upgrade the site to accommodate that yet. Email me via the form or submission button to either gain access to the Flipbook online for $19.95 or a download of a PDF copy for $29.95.

This can copied for one person, not shared. If you want a hardcopy just let me know and we can work that out.

Yet, I say to you these mediations are to be practised
routinely will help you to access your being more fully more consciously. They will say this is too simple, yet it is the hearts intent, and the quality of the cohort that will determine your path, journey as a conscious creator of your own reality. The road may is about or may not been easy, yet it will be never boring. Unless, the work has already been done then you maybe bored. This is the work of a new epoch which i may remind you  is about 26,500 about. So, take your time. Enjoy the process. We are at the edge of a new world even though it appears that we have resurrected a dystopian one for a time. Remember, to play well. Not everyone is here for the religious experience, you inhabit the planet with many other consciousness which you need to learn to get along with. I hope that it has been as arduous as my experience which contained many polarities and way to many convergences of realities, which made it difficult to navigate the true blessing of the se teachings. If you come at it from a purely egotistical, intellectual perspective then you will kinda miss the point. It just doesn't work that way even though it could give our scinetists something to really mull over, so to speak. Good Luck. I know it just looks to simple. As if made for a child within. 

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