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Something Special

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Look below for a very special set of hand made items by the artist.

Each part of the set is individually made to fit with the other parts.

      A cup to be held with reverence, and mindfulness. Vivid colours within,glazed. A lid to fit in the style of a Japanese tea ceremony. 

each piece site with the others. A flat piece of clay  that has been individually folded 

called the Nerikoni technique which has then been pressed together to create the unique design you see below. Price on Application POA

Email the artist or subscribe to apply for a POA add postage, transport costs. 

What is the Japanese Nerikomi technique?

Nerikomi—also known as neriage—was first created in Japan, and it involves stacking and cutting colored pieces of clay to form different patterns. Once you have your colorful stack of clay, you can throw it on a wheel or mold it into just about anything you want.

Our Clients

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