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                                      Welcome to is an art blog page featuring 

                                      art, visual galleries, creative writing projects.


                                      Fine Art pieces to engage with and choose for your own space.
















                  As a Multi-Disciplinary artist, I will be adding work to the site regularly. I am looking for forever homes for                        work already created to make way for new work.

                  Please subscribe to the email so that we you connect with us and stay informed about what new work is                            available for your perusal and purchase.


                        We will include works in progress as part of our galleria of making, which includes ephemeral, ever                                changing works with nature as well as printmaking, sculptural and visual pieces. 


                  This website is dedicated to a future vision of showcasing the creativity, passion of artists and writers from                        all over the world. We believe in the power of art and words to inspire, challenge, and connect people.


IMG_20230502_114546 (2).jpg

Alien Landscape- 70x1250mm

Acrylics on Linen

$1,500 plus transport costs

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